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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cables meaning in tamil is உறுதியான கம்பிக் கயிறு

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Three persons allegedly involved in stealing telephone cables have been arrested by the Crime Branch of the Delhi police. Ramakrishna Raju said that some operators were trying to create hurdles in the expansion of SDV by resorting to cutting off the cables in some areas and carrying on propaganda that the network would close shop. Sebastian warned that unbundling of local loop or allowing private operators to use BSNL or MTNL cables as mooted in the yettobeannounced NTP would create a lot of problems. The FDI cap in directtohome television is 20 per cent but when the same signals are delivered through cables it attracts an FDI cap of 49 per cent. Digging of roads by a phone company to lay cables in the city came in for criticism at the City Municipal Council meeting here on Monday. Yadavs family members and neighbours told reporters that their pleas for the past few years to lay underground electric cables fell on deaf ears of the officials. Police say the underground cables to the signal posts were damaged by the rains and in some cases the posts damaged by vehicles hitting them. If the underground drainage channel works cause half the traffic problems the unauthorised digging of trenches for laying pipes and cables by private persons only add to the agony. The free bandwidth for this has been available to the Government for nearly five years now from the private sector under the agreements on right of way for laying cables along PWD roads. Telephone wires and power cables on the road did not pose problems in general though some festoons across Mada street did come in the way.