bubble meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bubble meaning in tamil is நுரை) குமிழ்

bubble meaning in tamil with example

bubble tamil meaning and more example for bubble will be given in tamil.
Like a bubble in the river being swept in the direction of the current as it does not resist it there will not be disappointments in life when man learns to surrender to God and accept the outcome as His grace. Radha Madhav Corporation has signed a technical collaboration agreement with an Italian company Tce srl for manufacturing specialised cast blown and double bubble barrier films. Fairytales are no basis for sustainable economic growth he says and the reality is that U.S. growth is dependent on funny money 151 the proceeds of a speculative bubble in housing that is about to burst. It is what people said in 1999 1929 and almost certainly in 1720 when the South Sea Bubble was about to pop. If and when Indias exportled BPO bubble bursts it will be a tragedy for both entrepreneurs and their large workforce unless the nation develops by that time a large domestic market as a fallback option. Once the bubble of U.S. power has been pricked in a global context already tilting in other directions it could deflate rather more quickly than has been imagined. Burj Dubai is the new bubble on the skyscape of booming Dubai and it is ready to set a new paradigm in tower construction in the region. He gets in a bubble during Tests and sits on his own so it will be a challenge for him Arthur said. 20 lakh and commercial real estate loans as a reserve to safeguard against the impact of bad loans in the event of a property bubble bursting. Asset bubble in the making Moreover in the context of soaring asset prices an interest rate hike would have been a worthwhile option.