boyfriend meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
boyfriend meaning in tamil is காதலன், ஆண் சிநேகிதன்

boyfriend meaning in tamil with example

boyfriend tamil meaning and more example for boyfriend will be given in tamil.
Conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi in a car crash in Paris nine years ago were revived at the weekend after the head of an investigation confirmed that certain questions about the circumstances of the crash had been rightly raised. Police sources said she might have gone into depression after a tiff with a boyfriend in recent days. She did though take time out earlier this month to announce her engagement to American boyfriend Brian Lynch. Police said Haydens body was recovered from the gorge after her boyfriend lodged a complaint with the police saying that she was missing since Tuesday. Enrolled for a course Immediately after the sensational murder of her boyfriend Nitish Katara in February 2001 Ms. Investigations revealed that Paramjeet Anjana her boyfriend Sanjeev and his cousins Rajiv and Ravinder were last seen together at a petrol pump in Khatauli Muzzffarnagar on March 12 night. He said that before jumping to her death from the building Neha had sent four SMS messages to her boyfriend biding him goodbye forever. Vikas is facing trial for the alleged murder of his sister Bharti Yadavs boyfriend Nitish Katara a businessmen in Uttar Pradesh four years ago. A 24yearold woman and her boyfriend were found dead in her Tiruvanmiyur apartment here on Thursday. While one version was that air hostess Shilpa 24 and her boyfriend Jayanth committed suicide another was that she was poisoned to death by her lover who later hanged himself fearing the consequences.