bowl meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bowl meaning in tamil is கிண்ணம், அகன்ற பாத்திரம், சருவச் சட்டி

bowl meaning in tamil with example

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The greatest upset in the quarterfinal matches was the defeat of Bermuda Bowl quarterfinalist Formidables Team. IV rated 20 to 50 Lord Of The Rings Tirol Miss Champagne 60.5 Parvesh 1 Bet And Bowl 61.5 cd. A rehabilitated fast bowler and a novice offspinner combined on Friday to bowl New Zealand to a 21run win over Sri Lanka in the fourth limitedovers cricket international. Graeme Smith pushing for a serieslevelling win declared South Africas second innings at 194 for six an hour before lunch on Friday setting Australia 287 to win and giving his attack 76 overs to bowl the host out. This pair will look to consolidate during the first hour on Wednesday and kick on to a score that will enable them to bowl Delhi out twice. If this facility was not there I would have ran out of the amount at hotels and left begging for food by now says Mangamma who waits for her turn at the stoves with a handful of tomatoes and a bowl of rice. Gangulys presence could enable Dravid manage his frontline pacemen 151 Ajit Agarkar could team up with Irfan Pathan here 151 better in case they are required to bowl long spells. The Hyderabad Karnataka region in the State is considered the Red Gram Bowl of South India and the pulses processing is a major industry in the area. When the milkywater in the mud pot came to the brim the enthusiastic foreigners chanted Narayana Narayana ... and poured rice into the bowl to make sweet Pongal in view of Tamizhar Thirunal. At one stage Anil Kumble asked me where I should bowl so that I would not be able to hit him. Afridi was more severe on Harbhajan Singh.