boulder meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
boulder meaning in tamil is பாறாங்கல்

boulder meaning in tamil with example

boulder tamil meaning and more example for boulder will be given in tamil.
One night he returned home in an inebriated condition and brought a boulder along with him saying he would smash her head and cut the body into pieces with the butcher knife he had Mr. On December 7 Vijayalakshmis body was found in a well near her house with a boulder tied to her legs. Seshu Ketharaju Hyderabad Fitting tribute Erect builders statue at Hussainsagar and inscribe below Here lies a boulder to city plan. The child was injured when a flowerpot fell on him under the impact of the quake at Ranipool near Gangtok while a man suffered minor head injuries as a boulder rolled down on him at Indira Bypass Road. Late on Monday night Afsar went to the house of Ali and Akbar in a drunken condition and hurled a boulder on the doors following which Gouse and his brother beat him with hockey sticks and smashed his head with a boulder. As the victim fell asleep on a bylane having got heavily drunk the three drivers smashed his head with a boulder one after the other killing him on the spot. A communication tower and a building close to a Byramkonda quartzite boulder inTirumala hills threatening the habitat of the golden gecko. The Saroornagar police said that the victim consumed liquor with his friends till late in the night and are of the view that some of them might have killed him by smashing his head with a boulder after a brawl. Ragpicker killed Unidentified persons killed a ragpicker Anil alias Chotu 24 by smashing his head with a boulder at a park near Secunderabad Clock Tower in the early hours of Friday.