bottle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bottle meaning in tamil is புட்டி, போத்தல்

bottle meaning in tamil with example

bottle tamil meaning and more example for bottle will be given in tamil.
Velladorai said the salesmen in association with the supervisor at the Adhikaripatti TASMAC shop removed the cap from an IMFL bottle using big needles without damaging the seal and excise label and sucked half of the liquor and filled the bottle with water. Known to do things differently Aamir this time came armed with a specially created 300 ml returnable glass bottle of CocaColaRang De Basanti. A first of its kind the CocaCola bottle is being promoted as a collectors item and has been launched in the Delhi and Mumbai markets. It is argued that since youth of 18 years are considered eligible to partake of the bottle and enter the polling booth why should they not be considered fit to take a bride. The doping officer at Yamuna Nagar however confiscated the plastic bottle Sharma had allegedly carried inside the dope control station and then asked the lifter to provide his urine sample. A foreign couple made a great impact among the young participants by donating a bottle of drinking water. Children here are involved in a variety of work including vending begging rag picking bottle picking acrobat cleaning shoe shining and selling refilled water bottle explained Sanjay Gupta director of Chetna a nongovernment organisation working in this area. For instance a bottle of codine phosphatebased cough syrup was in much demand since it ensured intoxication and peaceful sleep he recalled. Following a circular issued by the AIDS Control Society the price of each 350 ml bottle of blood had been raised from Rs.100 to Rs.350 for general ward patients and from Rs.300 to Rs.500 for payward patients.