bothers meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bothers meaning in tamil is நெருடு

bothers meaning in tamil with example

bothers tamil meaning and more example for bothers will be given in tamil.
Though Opposition party councillors in the council seek steps to set right the problems in the distribution network the Corporation rarely bothers about the complaints. Also the incessant flow of traffic from the Low Bridge rarely bothers to follow the first signal light fixed at the end of the divider. Meanwhile Bodaiahs bothers and his adopted daughter who stay in Amaravathi claimed that they were all staunch supporters of the Congress and that they did not know why he had gone to the place where there was a clash. The common feeling among the families of Jawans who sacrificed their lives in wars and proxy wars is that they were looked after initially but nobody bothers about them now. The talkingdown slightly supercilious tone that some use which we got for years from the English and still do in some places bothers me. Culture shock It bothers me also that this is what you often read about India in Australian sports pages. Everybody knows that this is daylight robbery but no one bothers to bring it to the notice of the authorities concerned. But the fuming farmer didnt sit down and instead approached a group of reporters taking notes of the Home Ministers speech to complain nobody bothers to solve the problem. Dry colours Not that it bothers some people.