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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The scope for increasing in a big way intra regional trade will be recognised if it is borne in mind that its value now is only 7 billion out of SAFTAs total trade of 350 billion. The compound wall of the SIDCO will be demolished in a couple of days. He said the cost of relocation of the SIDCO office and renovation of the alternative building would be borne by the National Highways Authority of India. But it should also be borne in mind that no other industry has the potential to create 2.2 million jobs he added. Leh cut off Ladakh has borne the brunt of the cold wave. However he said the proposal was yet to be cleared by the Union Government on the plea that 25 per cent of the cost of the project should be borne either by the State Government or through local contribution. The costs of both these exchange programmes would be borne by the respective host universities the agreement said. The entire burden was borne by the government. Foodgrains offtake The foodgrains offtake by the APL population was not more than 20 per cent. In fact the gas charges are being borne by the owner of a nearby cafe says cancer centre director B. Rao should have borne in mind the fact that he visited the district officially in his capacity as Minister. The principal and interest is repayable in dollars and the exchange risk would have to be borne by the State Government. It was also decided that the cost of reinstallation should be borne by the city corporation and temporary repairs should also be carried out to the damaged portion of the temple.