bonnet meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bonnet meaning in tamil is காரின் இயந்திரம் உள்ள பாகத்தின் மேல் மூடி

bonnet meaning in tamil with example

bonnet tamil meaning and more example for bonnet will be given in tamil.
The cyclist Koteswara Rao 40 a drama artiste fell down on the bonnet and suffered minor injuries. No one could miss this near lifesize stuffed lion doll placed over the bonnet of a car roaming around in Madurai. Plates of photovoltaic cells on the roof and bonnet aid Surya in harnessing solar energy and the car can travel at a maximum speed of 50 kmph. Royal insignia The old beauties include a Rolls Royce and a Fiat with the Nizams dastar on the bonnet and his insignia engraved on the door. The rear taillamps rear wind screen cleaner nozzle near the cutelooking rearspoiler and the scoop on the front bonnet make it all the more desirable. It can even be used with modification by using a dashboard socket whereby TEJAs can be opened without opening the bonnet by connecting the two plugs directly to the socket says Rakesh Dheep of Kozhikode. After 1937 no one wanted to shelter the Jews the French Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet went so far as to reassure Ribbentrop that German Jews would not be welcome in France. 151 Staff Correspondent Two children die of bonnet bite SIRS. 151 Staff Correspondent Two children die of bonnet bite SIRS. 151 Special Correspondent Two children die of bonnet bite SIRS. When the Circle Officer Chowk Rajesh Sahani tried to stop them the accused tried to flee but the police officer jumped on to the bonnet of their vehicle. At present the PFA houses three monkeys three stray dogs four monitor lizards two hill mynahs two pythons 18 parakeets 16 pariah kites and 17 bonnet macaques.