bone meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bone meaning in tamil is எலும்பு

bone meaning in tamil with example

bone tamil meaning and more example for bone will be given in tamil.
The next point that became a bone of contention was the surge pool and with Congress members pointing to the irregularities in Godavari Lift Irrigation Scheme during the TDP regime another round of heated arguments ensued and the meeting was called off. Rectification of the 128metre causeway is now a bone of contention between the contractor and the State Highways authorities. The Gujarat High Court has accepted the CBI plea for shifting the proposed DNA test of the bone samples of the Pandarvada communal riot victims from an autonomous institution to a governmentrun laboratory both in Hyderabad. The court is scheduled to take up on Friday the State Governments plea seeking a fresh direction for the DNA test on the ground that the bone samples had been badly mixed up due to repeated digging of the grave. These seed cells are similar to cells in the bone marrow and work in the same manner as bone marrow transplant. People with cancer or leukaemia may require a bone marrow or cord blood transplant as part of their treatment. Now Sanjay Gupta who has given us films like Kaante Plan and Musafir in the past comes up with Zinda a cocktail that is mind numbing bone crunching. The operation is the gum lift a procedure that whittles away at tissue or bone to make teeth appear more symmetrical and longer. The mass arrests and restrictions on political activities including protest marches and demonstrations a day before the parties were to hold a rally in Kathmandu against the elections provide clinching evidence that there is not one democratic bone in King Gyanendra.