bomb meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bomb meaning in tamil is வெடி குண்டு

bomb meaning in tamil with example

bomb tamil meaning and more example for bomb will be given in tamil.
Chaos prevailed at Surat railway station today when a bomb scare forced the police to detain and search both the Ferozpurbound and Mumbaibound Ferozpur Janata Express. The incident happened at noon when the Surat city police control room received a call made from a mobile alleging there could be a bomb on the train. An abandoned box of prawns at Nampally and a hoax bomb call to a restaurant in Hitech city of Madhapur gave anxious moments to the police on the last day of the year on Saturday. A person called up Cyber Pearl restaurant located in a building of the Hitech city in the morning saying a bomb was planted in the material received by the restaurant on Friday. Police arrived there with sniffer dogs and bomb disposal squads examined every inch of the eatery and opened the parcels of groceries received only to learn that a prankster had played trick on them. The train reached Ernakulam at around 5.40 p.m. Following the bomb scare it was delayed by around 45 minutes. Wednesdays terrorist attack on the Indian Institute of Science and the threats of bomb explosions did not cast a shadow over the New Year celebrations in the city which was on a high alert. He said he was taking part in the revelry to assure the people that the situation was peaceful and one need not panic in the wake of bomb threats. But why should regular pubs and restaurants jack up prices even after charging us a bomb for entry they asked. It was in the morning that the police control room received a telephone call from Kabir of K.G. Halli that he found an object similar to a bomb lying on the track.