bolster meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bolster meaning in tamil is திண்டு

bolster meaning in tamil with example

bolster tamil meaning and more example for bolster will be given in tamil.
Government and aid agencies are now tied into a symbiotic 151 and not unproblematic 151 relationship as they bolster each others credibility. The State administration has sought the deployment of additional central paramilitary forces to bolster security in the region. Congress president Sonia Gandhi represents the political power and though she has sincerely and honestly tried to bolster the Prime Ministers authority her own party managers and lieutenants cannot be faulted if they do not share her enthusiasm. Similarly to bolster the weak link in the team it would not be a bad idea if the Indians include a specialist bowler or a bowling allrounder. They also emerged on the day it was reported that Lewis Libby a former aide to VicePresident Dick Cheney had told a grand jury that he had been ordered by his superiors to leak classified WMD information to the press to bolster the case for going to war. Hes gotten to a point that when hes not at his best hes finding ways to win and that separates him from the rest Sampras said a moment before making sure to bolster his own credentials a tad. On the approval of the revival proposal also hangs the fate of several joint venture projects that had been mooted by the company late last year to bolster its profitability in the near future. It is also effective against newer strains of the flu and does not need an adjuvant or additive to bolster the immune system response he says. He may have to win another round against sixseeded Korean HyunWoo Nam who had made the semifinals of the first leg to bolster his chances of making the cut for the Masters next week.