boldness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
boldness meaning in tamil is துணிவுடன்

boldness meaning in tamil with example

boldness tamil meaning and more example for boldness will be given in tamil.
Sharons deliberate destruction of his Likud party and his founding of the new centrist Kadima list was a move of corresponding boldness on the domestic political front. This amply proved the Governments impartiality honesty and boldness in bringing forward the law keeping peoples interest alone in mind she said. In contrast to the boldness of the specific timebound commitments of the U.N. Declaration on HIVAIDS 2001 the 2006 document reflects an unwillingness to admit to the realities of the pandemic. They demonstrated to sceptical Australians the beauty of football the thrill of three goals in the final eight minutes against Japan the catastrophe against Italy and advertised to the football world where it is mostly unacknowledged the boldness of the sporting Australian. Germany kept an eye open for any counterattacks tempo and boldness were raised following the interval. Gandhijis writings teach truth boldness and happiness of a simple life and peaceful ways to tackle tough situations. Usha said her boldness had forced the Defence Ministry not only to order her medical examination by an allfemale medical board but also to recruit a large number of woman doctors. Karunakaran said here on Thursday that the Mullaperiyar issue had been pushed to the brink not due to lack of legislation but because the Government did not have the will and boldness to implement the existing law. It must have required exemplary boldness on anyones part to pat Chairman Mao Zedong on the cheek and then explain the action.