bold meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bold meaning in tamil is துணிவுள்ள

bold meaning in tamil with example

bold tamil meaning and more example for bold will be given in tamil.
And once in a while when Bollywood does make bold to embrace life realism often ends up as a synonym for boring. 35 lakhs was transacted has made bold the department to pitch a higher sales target for the current expo he said. It was a bold step of the Non Resident Indian NRI directors of Cochin International Airport Limited CIAL to withdraw the users fee of Cochin airport. His bold action against Palestinian attacks combined with his willingness to redraw old orthodoxies caught the mood of an Israeli public weary of conflict but unconvinced of the presence of a partner for peace. J amia Millia Islamia may have taken the bold step of making its campus smokefree without much ado but creating much smoke on the Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU campus these days is a mild attempt that never quite took off. Through his mythological themes such as Lankeswaran and the like he made a bold attempt to redefine the characters of Ravana Surapadman Sisupala and Kumbakarna traditionally considered obnoxious villains. II 1200m maiden 3yo only Terms Balthazar Alnasr Alwasheek Lorne 55 Srinath 1 Bold Blaze 53.5 I. There often is bold talk in India about grooming openers but these men in the Indian toporder are the most vulnerable when marginal selections have to be made. In this regard I will continue the legacy of Menachem Begin who thwarted Irans neighbour Iraq from acquiring nuclear weapons by adopting bold and daring measures. Vying for the space With big and bold sweeps the experienced kite fliers choreographed their own sorties in the skies making their paper machines dance and undulate and blaze ahead with that cutting edge.