boiling meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
boiling meaning in tamil is கொதிக்கின்ற, கொதிக்கும்

boiling meaning in tamil with example

boiling tamil meaning and more example for boiling will be given in tamil.
Whether it is boiling milk or preparing tea these ailing persons and their attendants find the rasoi ghar as it called a great help. From the perspective of the DAE the IndoU.S. nuclear deal would be useful only to tide over the present temporary phase of shortage of nuclear fuel 151 natural uranium for the PHWRs and enriched uranium for the twin boiling water reactors BWRs at Tarapur. The Government has also advised that chicken meat and eggs be cooked and consumed only after boiling it up to 70 degree Celsius. The employees of the noonmeal centres have been asked to distribute eggs to the beneficiaries duly boiling them. Talking to newsmen at the Collectorate he said some eggs supplied to the noon meal centres were tested and the collector had instructed them to provide eggs after boiling them at 70 degree Fahrenheit. Her only fault was that the chips were in burnt condition when she removed them from the frying pan which contained nearly three tins of boiling oil at that time. A second benefit will be the import of enriched uranium required to continue to run the Tarapur boiling water reactors BWRs beyond 2006. General Electrics simplified boiling water reactor is yet to get this certification and it will take many years for the construction of both these types to be licensed by the NRC. We have 40 years of experience with the boiling water reactors and we are building two LWRs of Russian origin. The accused could choose to immerse an arm in a boiling cauldron step on five heated ploughshares or walk three paces holding a searing iron ball.