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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bodyguard meaning in tamil is மெய்க்பாப்பாளர்

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This was followed by the unfurling of the national flag and the Presidents Bodyguard presenting the salute. Martin Luther King wanted to get a gun permit for the family bodyguard even though he believed in nonviolence. Kabila inherited the presidency from his father Laurent Kabila who was assassinated by a disgruntled bodyguard in 2001. The condition of the bodyguard is stated to be serious and he has been shifted to the Patna Medical College Hospital for treatment. Tension gripped the Patna University campus after two students of the Science College were injured in a when the bodyguard of the proctor of the university allegedly opened fire over a ragging incident on Monday. Some of Indias best players such as India captain Sameer Suhag and Dhruvpal Godara will be seen in action representing various teams like the 61st Cavalry from Jaipur and Presidents Bodyguard from Delhi among others. In Somalia on Sunday gunmen killed an Italian nun and her bodyguard at the entrance of a hospital where she worked in an attack some feared could be linked to Muslim outrage over the Popes remarks. In a documentary aired on Al Jazeera TV on Saturday Osamas bodyguard recalled that Osama welcomed Azhar after his release from an Indian jail preceding the hijacking of the plane and threw a lavish party in his honour Pakistans Online newsagency reported. The police detained a former RJD MLA Pappu Khan for moving with a bodyguard in violation of orders of the Election Commission around the Nalanda constituency during the voting process.