blogger meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
blogger meaning in tamil is வலைப்பதிவாளர், வலைப்பதிவர்

blogger meaning in tamil with example

blogger tamil meaning and more example for blogger will be given in tamil.
And on what basis ...While I can find many faults with our police this seems really harsh... It is irresponsible journalism... Blogger Pradeep thinks that it is a very sad commentary on our administration. The blogger had also put an email address of where mails can be sent for subscribing to the magazine. The Internet is flooded with free and paid carry hate messages said blogger Gurpreet Singh Modi reacting to the ban on 18 websites in a bid to check hate messages following the July 11 Mumbai blasts that left over 200 people dead. Besides helping a blogger disseminate her ideas with blog entries the blogs Comments feature provides her an opportunity to engage in an active conversation with the readers. But here in Davos hundreds of very clever 151 and very rich 151 people are discussing the impact of these inequities and what to do about them. Indeed as the blogger says this year Davos is discussing the impact of globalisation more seriously. He only has to utter the words the batsmen are looking very comfortable out in the middle for a Lankan wicket to fall complains a blogger at a weblog.