blind meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
blind meaning in tamil is பார்வையற்றவர்

blind meaning in tamil with example

blind tamil meaning and more example for blind will be given in tamil.
Truth to tell it is about the India that is degenerating an India we seem to have turned a willing blind eye to. Rotary Mysore Midtown in association with Department of Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens organised a daylong workshop on Persons with Disability Act 1995 at the Government School for Blind Children recently. Reddy said writers and poets could not afford to turn a blind eye to the rapid developments across the globe. Many heavy vehicle drivers using DindigulPalani highway said that this stretch was very narrow with many blind turns without any signboards. Widening of the existing road and straightening blind curves would eliminate road accidents they said. Many heavy vehicle drivers using DindigulPalani highway frequently said that this highway was very narrow with blind turns without any signboards to caution them. They were participating in a daylong workshop on using cost effective tools to assist the visually challenged carry out science experiments organised by the Students Service for the Blind at Madras Christian College Tambaram on Friday. Yoshiko was assisted by Shizoku Hamada a teacher at the School for the Blind of the same university. Most French people would argue that one of the Republics main virtues is that it is officially colour blind and secular. Rao said the Government is turning a blind eye to the ongoing scooping of hills by private companies in the name of development and tourism which was fast changing the topography of the city. However what is disturbing is that after the suspension of one of the junior engineers of Rohini zone for turning a blind eye to the reconstruction activity of demolished buildings in his area engineers and related officials had threatened to go on strike against such action.