bleeding meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bleeding meaning in tamil is ரத்தக் கசிவு

bleeding meaning in tamil with example

bleeding tamil meaning and more example for bleeding will be given in tamil.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharons condition appeared to have deteriorated as he had to undergo another emergency operation after a scan revealed fresh bleeding in his brain. Vinod lay bleeding with 17 cut injuries in the backyard of a house and was taken to the hospital in a police van. He won it in 1990 for developing the nasal septal clip that helped avoid the use of nasal packs to stop bleeding after a surgery. The project was taken up with the objective of finding an effective drug or procedure to minimise bleeding during delivery since a large number of women die of uncontrolled bleeding at that time mostly in cases when children are given birth to at home. Venkatalakshmi charged Ushasri with attacking and hitting her with a club causing a bleeding head injury. In the latter part of his innings he was bleeding through his nose was cramping slightly but carried on. If untreated retinopathy may progress to PDQR where abnormal new vessels grow from the surface of the retina and optic nerve accompanied by proliferation of fibrous tissue which shrinks and causes recurrent bleeding or detaches the retina from its normal position. During this procedure additional steps are performed to remove bleeding vascular membranes repairing a detached retina and completing laser photocogulation. Abdul Sattar the police said died of gastrointestinal bleeding at the hospital where he was admitted a couple of days ago. They did not stop even as Suseela was profusely bleeding from her head and Sivamma had a gushing wound near her severed ear.