blame meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
blame meaning in tamil is பழி சுமத்து

blame meaning in tamil with example

blame tamil meaning and more example for blame will be given in tamil.
Does the blame extend to our entire ethical system that teaches us that everyone gets his due and that the Almighty will hopefully change society. Sources in the Janata Dal United blame the group headed by the former Chief Minister S.R. Bommai and his son Basavaraj Bommai for the crisis which has overtaken it. Aside from some brownie points the Nitish Kumar Government will gain little by continuing to blame Mr. When the privileged and educated among Muslims have not come forward to defend AMUs minority status why blame the others. Vijayshankar said that the State Government was to blame for the delay in implementation of the project. Gopalkrishna JP Nagar Do not blame BMP MORE TRANSPARENCY has come into functioning in the BMP lately. Conquering the skies the kite fliers returned to terra firma from the precarious perches of old buildings fully tanned drained 151 blame it on the spirits 151 and filled with joys of flying. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud alFaisal who was in London to attend a meeting on terrorism told the BBC that the West was partly to blame for the crisis by allowing Israel to develop nuclear weapons. Why blame only the State Governments when the Centre has an equal if not greater responsibility of regulating these professional colleges. Exposed for the brazen conspiracy to facilitate the defreezing of the bank accounts of Bofors accused Ottavio Quattrocchi the Central Government has laid the blame at the door of the Central Bureau of Investigation. He said that they had tried their best and that there were certain lessons that were learnt but he also pointed out that the pitch was to blame for the unimpressive returns his bowlers had got.