bitterness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bitterness meaning in tamil is கசப்பு

bitterness meaning in tamil with example

bitterness tamil meaning and more example for bitterness will be given in tamil.
I think hes now testing whether enough time and bitterness have passed since the parties and the country were so deeply split during the 2004 campaign said Ari Fleischer the former White House press secretary who attended many of the early bipartisan meetings. My belief is he wants to make such meetings worthwhile again. But a lot of bitterness remains and several of the former Cabinet members invited on Thursday observed that Mr. M.K. Balakrishnan Nayar Thrissur Lobbying will do the trick After having experienced the bitterness and frustration of several budgets so far common sense dictates that we had better be indifferent to them. According to Mohammad Musa the bitterness provoked by this led to at least two attacks on the mosque. Gandhi hoped that the year ahead would bring happiness peace and prosperity and noted that the festival was an occasion to renew friendship to forgive and forget the conflict and bitterness of the past. Bitterness As matters stand there is no deal between the Maoists and the parties and sources familiar with the course of the negotiations say there is considerable bitterness in the rebels camp as a result. The seat adjustments have led to bitterness in both the DICK and the Congress though it was slightly more visible in the former. The feeling of bitterness appears to be running quite deep with party leaders now questioning the rationale of forming a separate party and the resignation of the nine MLAs. The Congress would also have to contend with some bitterness at the seat adjustments with the DICK.