bite meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bite meaning in tamil is கடி

bite meaning in tamil with example

bite tamil meaning and more example for bite will be given in tamil.
Earlier thousands of visitors flocked the beach to have a bite at the food stalls set up by various hotels. High cost On an average over 20 persons with dog bite visit the hospital daily. Imagine a chess game in which every possible path is blocked the players stare at their pieces bite their nails and see only stalemate. A door to the future is opening. Her speech was heavily slurred and difficult to understand but she explained how she was disfigured by a dog bite last year and she thanked the family of the donor who gave her new lips a chin and nose. If the rider cannot master the 600 kg of sheer force and brute strength the horse will buck bite and eventually throw the rider down. It is a perfect dish both for the executives who prefer to have a fast bite for lunch and for the family that cares to cater a few moments for leisure eating in the evening. It was later learnt that the dog suffered from bite wounds possibly inflicted by other dogs in the area and not cut wounds. A leading lawyer has pleaded for the life of a dog whose bite allegedly killed a Japanese businessman in a case that has shocked Romanians and provoked a debate about Bucharests stray dogs. We are now witnessing signs of recovery with people feeling safer to bite into a chicken burger said an employee. Though the residents try their level best to safeguard themselves from mosquito bite by fixing Netlon to the windows burning mosquito coils etc. they are fighting a losing battle. As for his future club captain Raul has given him a clear warning to bite his tongue until the end of the season.