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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bitch meaning in tamil is பெண்நாய், அவலட்சனமானவள் , அருவருக்கதக்கவள், ஒரு ஒழுக்கம் தவறிய பெண், நடத்தை கெட்டவள்

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A Whippet bitch Seecrofts Sonata owned by C.V. Sudarshan walked away with the prize for the third best in show. The prize for the fourth best went to a German Shepherd bitch Marry Vom Turkenkopf owned by Jaskirat Singh. Earlier we had sought the help of a surrogate bitch from nongovernment organisation Friendicoes for the cubs. Costly medical solution To curb the population VMC is expected to perform ovariohysterectomy on every bitch and surgical castration on every dog. A few days back we received a desperate call at midnight to carry out a caesarean operation on a bitch that was struggling to deliver. Dr.

Bitch denote the female dog. The word bitch also used as a vulgar slang against coarse woman