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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
biscuit meaning in tamil is பிஸ்கட், ரொட்டி

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Workshop on cakes Anna Nagar Ladies Club will hold a twoday workshop on cakes and biscuit making. The accused is alleged to have offered the girl a biscuit before taking her to a partheniuminfested plot and raping her. He said the revenue collection from certain trades like drugs and medicines fertilizers fast moving consumer and electronic goods and biscuit manufacturers should be speeded up. Much like last year the heightened security did not deter many from smuggling in goodies including chewing gum candies and biscuit packets. Correspondent Clothes distributed Kakinada Clothes and biscuit packets were distributed to leprosy patients at a function held at the Durga Somu Prasad Charitable Trust premises on Tuesday. The plant the second of its kind in South India possesses a capacity to produce 10 tonnes per day of ammonium bicarbonate a product widely used in the biscuit industry. Peddiraju resident of ITI area gave a gold biscuit to lure Hariprasad into doing business in gold biscuits when the latter approached the former though a friend Rangaswamy. Sundaram who was found in unconscious in the Tamil Nadu Express later said that he ate half a biscuit near Vijayawada. Of the total 55000 tonnes biscuit consumed in the State low price high nutrition biscuits comprised more than 70 per cent and the biscuit manufacturers did not hike the prices of Marie and glucose biscuits for over a decade now despite the increase in the input costs. Raudo Biramne 113 60043.5. 1200m Gold Biscuit Biramne Rising Dream B.V.Kirshnan 124 100019 60039.5. They moved level freely.