birthright meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
birthright meaning in tamil is பிறப்புரிமை

birthright meaning in tamil with example

birthright tamil meaning and more example for birthright will be given in tamil.
The Advaita philosophy is categorical that Jivanmukti liberation while living is possible and is the birthright of every human being. She said it was their birthright to fish in the sea and blamed the Government for allowing construction of the port without finalising a relief and rehabilitation plan. Desai said freedom was the birthright of the Goans and also the birthright of the Indians to help them achieve it. Slogans were raised by the participants to press the point that quotas were neither concessions nor gifts rather a matter of birthright of the OBCs. G.K. Mani president of the PMK and Dalit Poongundran general secretary of the DK were among those who addressed the participants. Let the violations be corrected ignoring a Pharisaical adherence to rules and ensuring the citizens birthright to life. The Minister said Pazhassi Raja was a true martyr like Velu Tampi Dalawa and Kunhali Marakkar who fought the foreign rulers to protect the freedom and birthright of his subjects.