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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
birthplace meaning in tamil is பிறப்பிடம் ஊர்)

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The Communist Party of India Maoist has opposed the proposed Kuvempu Biotech Park at Kuppalli birthplace of Kuvempu. She spoke a couple of Telugu sentences and paid rich tributes to the district the birthplace of the historical Telangana peasants armed struggle. Bhattal said the inauguration of the bus service was a symbolic fulfilment of the daily Ardas prayer of Sikhs who sought unhindered access to the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev at Nanakana Sahib and other shrines in Pakistan. The team is leaving for Hampi in Karnataka birthplace of Purandhara Dasa to give a recital this week. Sri Purandaradasa aradhana was celebrated as a mega musical festival at Hampi the birthplace of the saintcomposer from January 27 to 29. Kandahar birthplace of the Taliban and Zabul Helmand and Uruzgan have been the scene of increasing militancy since the beginning of this year during which over 60 persons were killed. On a pilgrimage of sorts Malkiat has also travelled to Nankana Sahib Gurdwara in what is now Pakistan the birthplace of the founder of the religion as well as made the tough journey to Hemkund Sahib. Annamayya statue The TTD also approved the proposal to develop Tallapaka in Rajampet mandal the birthplace of saint Annamacharya Mr. Describing India as the birthplace of Buddhist religion he said people of Japan who are mostly Buddhists have all the regard and respect for India. I was only trying to recollect what I had seen when I came here first to prepare a news story on the birthplace of Adi Sankara.