bird meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bird meaning in tamil is பறவி, பறவை

bird meaning in tamil with example

bird tamil meaning and more example for bird will be given in tamil.
This suggests worryingly that a few choice mutations could turn the current bird flu epidemic into a global human pandemic. A biodiversity hotspot the Karanji Lake Nature Park in Mysore has emerged as a paradise for birds and thus joins the league of the worldfamous Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary as a popular nestling and roosting site in the region. Rajkumar an avid bird watcher who has been tracking the winged beauties in Bandipur as also in different lakes in the region told The HolyIndia that the Karanji Lake has emerged as an ideal spot for roosting and breeding and almost 40 per cent of the birds there are migratory. Though the bird was brought to Tamil Nadu a few years ago because of its high cost and maintenance very few buy this bird. 800m Walk In The Park Laxmikanth Bird In The Sky Pavan Kumar 10 60043 40027.5. Former moved better while the latter was extended. The Ministry of Health MOH confirmed on Monday that the boy was Chinas eighth human case of H5N1 bird flu. Professor Peter Dunnill an expert on vaccines for avian flu at University College London said rural communities in Vietnam have been living with bird flu for more than 10 years and may have developed resistance to it. Even as the Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO of the United Nations warned that the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1 could become endemic in Turkey the Department of Animal Husbandry here said there had been no bird flu deaths in India so far. About 50 eagles were found dead in Ranikhet some 50 km from Almora in Uttaranchal raising fears of an outbreak of bird flu in the country.