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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bilingual meaning in tamil is இருமொழி

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The day is not far off when Dalits the oppressed sections of society and the poor launch a struggle to ascertain their basic right to education following the Governments penchant for privatisation of education in the name of quality noted bilingual scholar Shantarasa Hemberalu has said. The institute has also published bilingual textbooks in Kannada to facilitate the learning of Prakrit. The booklet which is actually 30 sheets kept in a folder is bilingual and contains the achievements of all 32 departments during the last four years. The resolution favoured the formation of bilingual States wherever possible and said unilingualism should not be made a fetish. According to the Government proposals Punjab and PEPSU are to be merged to form a bilingual State without Himachal Pradesh with Punjabispeaking and Hindispeaking regions Gurmukhi being the official language of the Punjabispeaking region and Hindi of the Hindispeaking region. The play was directed by Parasuram Ramamoorthy a bilingual playwrightdirector with special interest in arts in education and applied drama. The bilingual presentation enabled the children to actively involve in listening and learning the language. He was working for an alltime classic in the making the bilingual Mayabazar and was part of a team headed by the wellknown cinematographer the one and only Marcus Bartley. Speaking to presspersons here on Tuesday director of the universitys Prasaranga Lakshminarayana Arora said this dictionary was the most comprehensive bilingual dictionary brought out in any language in the country.