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THE DEVELOPMENTS in 2005 which has just come to a close have far reaching significance because of the numerous bilateral agreements concluded for boosting twoway trade securing high technology and promoting joint ventures in the oil aviation and other sectors. Of particular significance are bilateral efforts to identify joint ventures for the development of the eastern Sri Lankan port city of Trincomalee and its surrounding region and the agreement for a joint venture power plant in the same district. She was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate and her family had to spent almost everything they possessed for six surgeries performed on her and the subsequent orthodontic treatment. The child was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate and she feared that it would destroy her family. Hence peace is going to come very slowly since mistrust between the two countries is very high and it is not going to go away. Part of the problem with the bilateral talks was that people had high expectations that were difficult to meet. Because of the undue delay in implementing SAFTA India went ahead and signed a bilateral FTA with Sri Lanka in this region and a few other countries as well. Aside from the bilateral and political differences the South Asian Governments have been under tremendous pressure from domestic industry to stall the process so that it can protect itself from cheaper goods entering the country through the FTA route. Rae said that bilateral trade between India and Hungary currently stood at 145 million which he regarded as low.