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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bid meaning in tamil is ஏலத்தில் கூறப்படும் விலை, ஏலத்தில் வைக்கபடும் விலை

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The CPIM leader made a bid to look for his guard who was sleeping in an adjacent house following which the ultras set fire to the house leading to both of them being charred to death Mr. Supply regulation The oil companies regulated the supply of refills in a bid to curtail their use for nondomestic purpose leading to scarcity he said. Mittal said that nine to 10 companies including Reliance had bid for Machilipatnam Port and the bidders had been shortlisted. Other leading lights in the bid team were also honoured including CBE for technical director Dick Palmer an OBE for communications director Mike Lee and an MBE for marketing chief David Magliano. Condemning the incident and claiming that the bid to blow up the project would have resulted in a large number of tribal deaths they wondered whether the partys central committee had approved such an extreme step. With road accidents and traffic rule violations becoming a regular feature the city police have decided to provide additional manpower to the traffic police wing in a bid to check violations and reduce the accident rate. Ram Manoj K. Bangalore The latest terror attack is an indication that terrorist outfits are now focussing on cities such as Bangalore in a bid to make us economically weak. No doubt his prime ministerial bid was underwritten by Corporate India but there was something reassuring about him that made so many disparate forces and interests to bet on him. She stepped into the Pinto centre with Mohammed without much hope but tears of joy rolled down her cheek as she bid goodbye to the hospital staff with her completely cured son after two weeks.