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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bias meaning in tamil is பாரபட்சம், விருப்பம், ஆர்வம்

bias meaning in tamil with example

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Barua said nominating someone who has won 23 international awards and whose films have won as many as three National Awards in the best debut category showed the ignorance of the organisers and the bias against regional filmmakers. No bias He said the party that had favoured elevation of persons belonging to the minority communities even to the post of president would not ignore the interests of Vanniyars who constituted the majority in Tamil Nadu. However justified it may be in practice the thrust on private banking with its implicit bias in favour of the rich can only alienate vast segments of society in India. The Centre for Womens Studies University of Mysore will conduct an intercollegiate debate competition in English Is 33 per cent reservation for women necessary on Wednesday and a debate in Kannada on Thursday on Gender bias a result of prominence to male child. Even as the Government and officials claimed that the programme was intended to give a thrust to the underdeveloped areas in the towns and cities the Opposition TDP accused the ruling Congress of showing bias in the selection of wards. His latest project has academics worrying about moves by rightwing groups to counter what the groups perceive to be a leftist bias at many colleges. I think that the IMFs prescriptions have often been quite realistic in terms of relating their general bias in favour of open markets to the particular stresses of individual countries. At the valedictory of the twoday 14th National Homoeopathic Conference here he emphasised the need for a prorural bias as a majority population stays in villages.