beverage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beverage meaning in tamil is பானம், பருகுவன்

beverage meaning in tamil with example

beverage tamil meaning and more example for beverage will be given in tamil.
The Tea Board has appointed the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta as a consultant for developing a model on the consumption pattern of the beverage in the country its chairman Basudeb Banerjee said. A beverage with rose petals has a soothing effect on intestinal ulcers and ginger jam purifies blood. Its food and beverage manager Shantanu Guha Roy said that Italian cuisine is among the richest and varied in the world and suits perfectly in this setup. Kashmiri women serving a beverage called Kahwa at a stall at the inauguration of the Travel and Tourism Fair in Bangalore on Friday. Concerned over the drop in popularity of tea particularly among youth the Tea Board has decided to conduct a threeday tea carnival here from Friday to promote a range of the beverage from the Nilgiris. As per the strategy it has been planned to increase the exports under the food and beverage segment from the present A 90 million US 75 million to A 300 million US 250 million in five years. With the new menu the Cha Bar has sought to move tea drinking from a dry page in history to a contemporary urban living experience and brings alive the romance of tea and positions it as the chosen beverage of today. It proposes to educate and expose the consumer to the lost world of tea with all its possibilities and quality not merely as a beverage but as a healthy lifestyle drink. At this tea joint the change is all about reintroducing tea as a trendy social health beverage and to make it an urban contemporary experience away from the dhabas and out of the home and bring it to a third space.