betrayal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
betrayal meaning in tamil is நம்பிக்கைத் துரோகம்

betrayal meaning in tamil with example

betrayal tamil meaning and more example for betrayal will be given in tamil.
It wasnt all that long ago that the Delhi High Court pulled up such outfits for their betrayal of that pledge. Krishnan as a betrayal of the trust reposed by the PMK founder Dr. S.Ramadoss and hence it is unpardonable. He said that Dr. State general secretary of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions CITU P.K. Gurudasan has described as illadvised and a betrayal of trust the Governments reported move to close down Keltron Counters if the staff of the undertaking do not apply for voluntary retirement scheme VRS. This was a betrayal of the partys commitment to the people to uphold a secular Government the CPI M said. The PAC is like a miniHouse and the conduct of the Congress MLAs led by former Power Minister Narendra Nath amounted to betrayal of the mandate given by the people of Delhi. Janata Dal State general secretary Varghese George said any consensus that overlooked the demand for special recruitment to fill vacancies reserved for Backward Communities would amount to betrayal of these communities. Janata Dal Secular State general secretary Varughese George has said that any decision on the Narendran Commission report without compensating the backward communities for loss of 18000 posts would be tantamount to betrayal of the backward classes. The decision to withdraw support to the Congressled government is a betrayal of the secular and democratic values he said. Kharge said the decision of a section of Janata Dal S legislators to withdraw from the coalition with the Congress was a betrayal of faith and principles.
காட்டிக்கொடுத்தல், பெட்ரேயல் என்ற ஆங்கில வார்த்தை காட்டிக்கொடுத்தலை குறிக்கிறது இரு ஒரு தனிபட்ட மனிதனையோ கூட்டத்தையோ மற்றும் நாட்டையோ குறிக்கும்
Giving information about one person or group to his enemy with the intension of making harm to him. betrayal is a noun comming from the verb betray. Example He is not only betraying the majorities.