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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bet meaning in tamil is பணயம் வை, பந்தயம் கட்டு

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No doubt his prime ministerial bid was underwritten by Corporate India but there was something reassuring about him that made so many disparate forces and interests to bet on him. Bottom line If we can bet on the one gadget that is mostly likely to be added to most city homes in 2006 it will be the set top box or the directtohome dish whichever is a better bargain just before the FIFA Soccer World Cup kicks off in Germany. IV rated 20 to 50 Lord Of The Rings Tirol Miss Champagne 60.5 Parvesh 1 Bet And Bowl 61.5 cd. KJ Choi fired a birdie on the closing 18th for a twounder 69 and was still Asias best bet at fiveunder 205 at the years first full field event on the PGA Tour. The flow of books and films on the Nazi era does not slow switch on any of the TV documentary channels and its a good bet youll come across archive footage of goosesteppers and brownshirts. The cycle rickshaws too could be a sure bet in drawing foreign tourists who could be encouraged to enjoy a ride they said. An American sports writer noted that Keshavans sled looked like a 1957 Chevy with rusty doors and borrowed parts from 10 cars This time around Keshavan will be leading a fourmember Indian team but remains the countrys best bet for an elusive Winter Olympic medal. But the bad luck for Good Night and Good Luck is that Murrow and Friendly bet the farm on a horse with questionable legs. Ask anyone on the street whether they know the origins of Valentines Day and you can bet that only the rare person will have the answer.