believer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
believer meaning in tamil is நம்பிக்கையாளர்

believer meaning in tamil with example

believer tamil meaning and more example for believer will be given in tamil.
Gambhir and Jaffer did bat impressively in the tour game against Pakistan A earning praise from coach Greg Chappell a believer in specialists but the compulsions of the sides composition appears to have forced the hand of the teammanagement. As a strong believer in the need for Iraqis to use the political process to bring about change it is not difficult to see how innocent youngsters are radicalised and why they turn to widely available arms. 17 1400m Attorney Vijay Kumar Believer Koch Staranzano Gallagher Florican Appu Wafadar Faisal and Absolute Black Rajesh Babu 1m 28.40s. A founder member of Spectrum Artist Circle Das is an artist with deep emotional attachment to nature and a profound believer in human relation. Silva Believer Koch One To Conquer Raja Rao Vogue Ranjeet Blazing Fantasy Vijay Kumar and Power Of Gold Tauseef 1m 31.3s. Velu Green Park Vivek Believer Koch Vogue Qureshi and Absolute Black Shanth Kumar 1m 17.5s. Kneels and prays in his Texas ranch with his fellow believer Tony Blair and follows all Ten Commandments. Moulana Mufti Khaleel Ahmed of Jamia Nizamia said no one could be a true believer unless his love for the Prophet was more than anything else. As a staunch believer in democracy he would hold consultations with sculptors for one more memorial stone. She has been involved in running schools for the last few years and is a firm believer in professionals being actively involved in public life. Srikanth Sriramula Karimanagar A.P. A firm believer in Allah and Baba Vishwanath presiding deity of Benaras Khan saheb symbolised a fusion of faiths.