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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beliefs meaning in tamil is நம்பிக்கைகள், கோட்பாடுகள்

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A certain amount of ideological confusion is understandable after the collapse of the East European communist model but political beliefs remain and it is disingenuous to deny them. The great diversity of Indian religious beliefs and the varied traditions of the different States are very interesting and exciting said Jenny of Australia and added that she loved the chanting of om for it soothes the senses and the soul together. Such shared beliefs have brought them together in bringing out the KVBPosts Meghdoot Post Cards speakers at a function stressed here on Friday. It at once juxtaposes a world of beliefs with a world that is completely lacking in it a world which was governed by the larger cause of the country to a world that swears by individual happiness. That both men have a taste for communal disharmony is to understate their political beliefs and practice by several orders of magnitude. But surely it does not require its champions crassly to cause offence to the faith and beliefs of an identifiable group. Having said that the need for informed debate on various issues including religious beliefs and lack of them cannot be belittled and needs cultivation of more tolerance allround. M.S. Radhakrishnan Chennai Of late it is becoming the culture of certain categories of people like politicians selfprofessed activists and film artists to take a dig at religious beliefs and customs under the guise of rationalism. Simanchal Badatya Berhampur Orissa The media should enjoy full freedom to criticise religious myths and mythological beliefs in any manner without fear of threats from hatredspewing fanatics who constitute a very low percentage in any community.