belie meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
belie meaning in tamil is மறைத்தல்

belie meaning in tamil with example

belie tamil meaning and more example for belie will be given in tamil.
While these data may not by themselves belie the growing optimism on the economy there is quite unexpectedly a warning from another but closely related area. He said the farmers came to the sadassus with hope and faith and the officials of Agriculture Department and experts should not belie their trust. But these epitaphs belie the reality for piles of waste pools of dirty water and lack of amenities are the ones that greet a buyer. While the Government will not belie the expectations of the workers they should give the Government time to deliver has said. Dhaka denies this but at least two recent raids by the Bangladesh Government in Greater Sylhet and Chittagong Hill Tracts belie its protestations. She asked the womens groups not to belie the confidence shown in them by the district administration as the task would place the women on a par with men in another field managed by men only so far. Chaudhary and his manhandling by the police as also the attack on the office of a television channel that was providing bold coverage of the events belie Gen.