behind meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
behind meaning in tamil is பின், பின்னால்

behind meaning in tamil with example

behind tamil meaning and more example for behind will be given in tamil.
It was designed as a continuous dialogue between parliamentarians and civil society agencies to interact on and with best practices at the field level through exposure visits says Nandini Azad MemberSecretary of ICPRD the brain behind the initiative. Patel 154 1400138 1200124 1000110 80055.5 60043.5. They impressed while the former was five lengths behind at the start and finished level. Prakash 159.5 1400142.5 1200127.5 1000113.5 80058.5 60045.5. Former started eight lengths behind and finished level under pressure while the latter moved fluently. Addressing a news conference at Lucknow on Friday Mr Yadav had alleged that a core group comprising Congress presidents private secretary Pulak Chatterjee and Joint Commissioner Northern Range Crime Delhi Police Ranjit Narain were behind the tapping. Pointing out that the intention behind these directives was not at all to stop the practice of giving rewards in cases where work was exemplary nature the circular said it had been noticed that officers were not properly adhering to the rules before putting up proposals for rewards. Inflows of FII funds for over 10 billion against 8.5 billion in 2004 were the most important factor behind the skyrocketing of equity valuations. Fashion designer and choreographer Shilpi Chowdhury was behind the shows which had themes such as human rights animal rights and population issues. Reservations The Muslim community lagged behind others educationally and economically. Having never really left behind the little boy who would pick up helpless animals and birds from where ever he found them Vivek confesses that it was his cousin Venu who sowed the seeds of love for the environment in him.