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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
behaviour meaning in tamil is ஒழுக்கம்

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Further the House has the power to punish anyone whether a member or not for behaviour interfering substantially with the proper conduct of business. Craig Venter founder of the J.Craig Venter Science Foundation said the genetic basis of personality and behaviour would cause conflicts in society. What we lack is the political will. Samuel Barondes a neurobiologist at the University of California San Francisco is concerned at the march of drugs that can control the behaviour of the brain. More than 200 women from various places here picketed the main road in front of the municipality on Tuesday condemning autocratic behaviour of municipal officials who refused to accept petitions from the public over flood relief. Modis behaviour was highly objectionable. The Congress would lodge a strong protest on Friday and draw the attention of the Prime Ministers Office the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Governor for necessary action. However the authorities argued that the crew always respond in such offensive behaviour whenever an attempt is made to keep a check on indiscipline. Taken aback by her action the two men began searching for the boy in the water while the woman continued her frenzied behaviour sobbing and shouting. The warden who generally belongs to the fraternity of teachers should be respected and civilised behaviour with norms of decency. While genes are an important factor in determining a persons susceptibility to putting on weight the behaviour patterns societal changes and worldwide nutrition transition are driving the obesity epidemic.