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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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On behalf of these unfortunate commuters I appeal to the transport corporation management to increase forthwith the number of buses on route 18K. Bilaluddin and Biswas were agents of Ghulam Yazdani a Hyderabadi operating from Saudi Arabia on behalf of terrorist outfits like JaisheMohammed LashkareTayyaba and HarkatulJehadalIslami. Muralikrishna distributed the sweets and fruits in Parthi colony on the city outskirts last night on behalf of the SP. During the opening ceremony Vijay Amritraj expressed his gratitude on behalf of the tennis fraternity to the Chief Minister. Ram Jethmalani had received money from the Tamil for taking up cases on behalf of the banned organisation. Hooda said that the Government would pay for the vouchers on behalf of the clients availing the services. The Advocate General made the submission on behalf of the Government when a contempt petition filed by the Kochibased Institute of Social Welfare against the Transport Secretary and the Transport Commissioner came up before the Bench comprising Justice M. The Film Federation of India emerged as the only body which could deliver the goods on behalf of the entire trade in India. Johns College grounds Palayamkottai from Wednesday on behalf of Jesus Calls in which renowned evangelists D.G.S. Dinakaran and Paul Dinakaran will lead the prayers everyday from 5.30 p.m. onwards. A civil suit filed by Aruna officerincharge legal on behalf of the MRC said two people had encroached on land belonging to the Club and constructed a building illegally.