beg meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beg meaning in tamil is கெஞ்சு

beg meaning in tamil with example

beg tamil meaning and more example for beg will be given in tamil.
151 Staff Reporter Three held for forcing children to beg THIRUVANANTHAPURA. While India is celebrating having achieved the Elimination Goal in leprosy cure what remains is the social stigma that often forces the cured persons to stay in ignominy so much so that they are forced to beg for a living. The local interest was on the ITA wards but in the mens section there was no stopping Anil Kumar a 19year old sepoy from BEG Pune as he went past the finish line clocking 2 hours and 6.14 minutes. While I had to get up everyday to beg at 5 a.m. I get food here without venturing out says Jagadamba 65 who took to the streets two years ago. The aged and the physically challenged including those without vision are forced to beg by the mafia. K.S. Thampi Chennai Millions of Indians I am sure would beg to differ with Ms. Saleem Beg said It is a major development and we look forward to other European countries to follow suit. According to Mr. Shivasharanappa who has lost everything including foodgrains said We have no alternative but to beg to make a living. We had to spend the night in the open without power supply Sharanamma a housewife said. The 14minute film deals with owners of the elephants allowing mahouts to take out the pachyderms to beg on the streets. I will not allow you to beg the salesmen of fair price shops for the essential commodities he said. Reddy said We are ready to beg or borrow to provide housing with all basic amenities for the people living below the poverty line in the next three years.