beauty meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beauty meaning in tamil is அருமை,அழகு

beauty meaning in tamil with example

beauty tamil meaning and more example for beauty will be given in tamil.
Annamaria De Pretis a translator from the Khapa Institute for Buddhist Studies in Italy was impressed by the heritage structures and the scenic beauty of the sea from atop the hill. The beauty of equity lies in its flexibility in its response to values and a delicate sense of proportion. A youth adorned in a garment made just from red and green chilly walked along the road a la in a beauty parade. Bangarappa said that beauty of the Indian cultural milieu was that it allowed all shades of thought and practices not only to exist but also grow with the people maintaining their own cultural linguistic and regional identities. Even the tour packages like serenading the backwater are so designed that visitors could enjoy the idyllic beauty of the land without interfering in the lives of the local people. Candy Man 7 ROMAN BEAUTY PLATE 1200m CatIV 5yo over rated up to 25 151 445 1. Double Eve Days best Bountiful Beauty Double High Commissioner 151 Street Smart Jackpot 3 4 5 6 7. Shravanabelagola has shrines and temples of remarkable beauty that stand testimony to ancient and medieval Indias architectural splendour. Describing the beauty of Urdu he said the language came into being when a moons beam coyly asked a lily bud to merge into a thought. The backdrop of the soaring temple towers the fading light during the dusk and the subtle hue of the one lakh oil lamps to the accompaniment of Vedic chants in the background created a unique spectacle whose beauty bordered on the surrealistic.