beautifully meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beautifully meaning in tamil is அழகாக

beautifully meaning in tamil with example

beautifully tamil meaning and more example for beautifully will be given in tamil.
If you wish I will take you to Hyderabad and arrange for an aerial view of how beautifully the roads have been done all executed by major firms that have given best quality work. he told the BMP Commissioner K. While Lee has beautifully transgressed Hollywoods boundaries of acceptability and more importantly marketability the film should not simply be held up as a seminal filmic text that queered the most American of genres the western. Bringing to the Capital masterpieces from the bold strokes of F.N. Souza to the beautifully real Raja Ravi Varma Osians gives art lovers plenty of reasons to drool. The cinematography for instance is quite amazing and almost the entire film is beautifully composed. Call of the Mountains is a collection of photographs that bring forth paintinglike quality of the beautifully shot frames. Some carried pots beautifully decorated and garlands of marigolds containing food cooked with justharvested rice. There were typically expansive coverdrives and scorching pulls in his effort but the best stroke was a beautifully balanced straightdrive off Asif the lefthanders initial movement forward very much evident. With just about five minutes left on the clock there was nothing much that a rejuvenated Indian team could do against a wellorganised rival unit that paced itself quite beautifully right from the start. Educational system Basic requirements and characteristics of a good education system have been beautifully highlighted in the speech delivered by G.Anantharaman Securities and Exchange Board of India at St.Josephs College.