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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beast meaning in tamil is மிருகம், முரடன்

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The fast and furious Shoaib Akhtar kicked up astonishing bounce from a docile pitch and Rahul Dravid leaping high his body behind the line and loosening the grip on the handle managed to keep the beast of the delivery that would have consumed most batsmen down. What it does seek to reveal in the initial reels at least is that in the world of humans no animal is safe no beast without a burden. The impressive Asif then produced a beast of a shortpitched delivery to open up Irfan Pathan and the resultant catch was well taken by Kamran Akmal. Testing different electronic systems traction control softwares and a myriad other components really makes one realize what a complex beast a modern Formula 1 car is. At one point a weak and ineffectual Storm Halle Berry and a Beast Kelsey Grammer who looks like a smurf on steroids discuss hairstyles honestly. But next to its close evolutionary cousin Camarasaurus a wellknown beast that stretched some 17plus metres long this guy was a runt. Also out of the championship was the American James Blake who went down in five sets to the man nicknamed the Beast of Belarus 151 Max Mirnyi. While the former virtue wasnt evident early on his comeback game 151 he rectified it soon enough 151 the latter was on prime display as he nodded sagely sitting beside his skipper and tackled a beast not as acquiescent as some of the batsmen he has come up against the press. Good work Earlier India did a magnificent job reining in the Australian beast conceived by Shane Watson and nurtured by Michael Clarke.