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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beard meaning in tamil is தாடி

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Bhimshanker Secunderabad Soleful celebration When I shaved my beard and moustache I celebrated in the name of giving them a chance for rebirth. The elderly Muslim man with a flowing white beard waiting to buy an entry ticket for the WTA Bangalore Open 2006 made an unusual sight. He frequently changed his identity and appearance by shaving his head and growing a beard to look like a religious teacher or simply remained cleanshaven. Raj Naraian Health Minister in erstwhile Janata Government after defeating Indira Gandhi from Rai Barreilly fulfilled his vow by shaving off his beard and preserving the hair for public darshan. The pictures show a man wearing a white shirt sporting a luxuriant beard and with the appearance of a mendicant. It came to such a pass that elderly people growing beard were seen rushing to barber shops to have a clean look. One of his uncles Mohammad Yousuf told UNI that Movez only goes to a person having a beard as his father used to sport one. Perhaps that is a result of growing his defiant beard once again but he certainly looks the part of the fearsome fast bowler. We have grown used to Yousuf 151 in that densely coloured helmet that with his beard makes him look like a character from a horror movie 151 waving his bat to the crowd. But Muslim groups called it racist and said to suspect someone simply because he had a beard or was of Asian or Arab appearance was discriminatory.