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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
beam meaning in tamil is உத்திரம், தூலம், கீற்று

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Describing the beauty of Urdu he said the language came into being when a moons beam coyly asked a lily bud to merge into a thought. There were also a series of online quizzes culminating in The Last Samurai a quiz modelled on the lines of BBCs Mastermind complete with specialised and general rounds the black chair dark room and single beam of light. But as the contractor did not remove the cracked beam from the site the committee members feared that it would be used. The railway officials took the committee members to the site and showed them the alternative beam made in place of the cracked beam. Cars driven in the night with high beam lights nonuse of dippers causing poor visibility to the vehicle coming in the opposite direction. An accidental malfunctioning of the machine which was lifting the beam was responsible for the problem. Headlights Ramesh of 9th Block Jayanagar explained how the vehicles particularly lorries and private buses with high beam headlights are contributing to accidents in his area. The three main reasons are a Unlit roads b haphazard dividers with wide beginnings and endings with concrete stones and without any fluorescent paint markings and most importantly c eye blinding high beam headlights of opposite vehicles. Karnatakas primary education project under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan covering 885 primary schools uses the southern regional beam of EDUSAT. So is the case with the drive against high beam driving that has also taken a beating in the recent past.