battleground meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
battleground meaning in tamil is போர்த்தளம்

battleground meaning in tamil with example

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The recently concluded 6th AllIndia Police Lawn Tennis Tournament hosted for the first time by the Pondicherry Police served as the battleground for policemen to draw their tennis rackets in combat. Symbolic location The location is symbolic the port was a key battleground when rebels closed in on Monrovia in 2003 and forced the then warlord President Charles Taylor to flee into exile. Their intention presumably is to fight another day in a battleground where they can exercise their veto power. SOMALIA COULD become the next war on terror battleground as the U.S. zeroes in on AlQaeda and Islamist groups reportedly trying to exploit a power vacuum in this African country. Palestine by then had become a raging battleground as Jews fought to seize our land in the wake of the 1947 United Nations partition resolution. In the eyes of Congresspersons Sonia Gandhis recordsmashing win is all the sweeter for having been plotted and pulled off by son Rahul 151 a double whammy believed to portend grander things to come especially in battleground Uttar Pradesh. The GCC countries are part of a regional security alliance with the U.S. and fear that their territories could become the battleground in case Washington and Teheran got involved in a military confrontation. Each new battleground involving an Islamic state has served as a new breeding ground for extremists and terrorists. As Beirut threatened to emerge as a battleground between the proU.S. March 14 Forces and Hizbollah Syria has said Gemayels assassination was a heinous terrorist act. Its embassy in Washington said the killing would hamper international efforts to engage with Syria.