battle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
battle meaning in tamil is சண்டை, யுத்தம், சர்ச்சை

battle meaning in tamil with example

battle tamil meaning and more example for battle will be given in tamil.
The Punjab mass cremations case before the NHRC witnessed a protracted battle between the petitioner Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab CIIP and the State government. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2007 will be the next major electoral battle for the party which at one time won more than 50 of the 85 Lok Sabha seats in the State. Now he has to battle with residents who are determined to convert his twoground plot into a dumping ground pigs and dogs that have made the thorninfested land their home and angry neighbours threatening to take him to court over the bad smell emanating from his land. It was high time the youth waged a moral battle against the prevailing situation in which even political decisions had been taken with the blessings of religious heads Mr. The battle lines are drawn and it will be a repeat of the Ludhiana Nationals lineup in the womens semifinals. Pleas to no avail We a group of residents of Senguptha Street Ramnagar Coimbatore have been fighting a long battle to evict an unruly perpetrator of residential peace. Children and grownups who battle with the harsh realities of daily life are portrayed in her works. In 2004 it became the centre of a bitter courtroom battle after antiwar protesters were refused permission to stage a demonstration there. It is feared that such a step taken by the Department might entangle it in one more legal battle with the 180 candidates who have already appeared for the examination conducted by it and are awaiting selection.