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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
batsman meaning in tamil is மட்டைவீச்சாளர்

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Although Rahul Dravid does not have experience as a captain he is a wise batsman and will mature as captain. The Pakistan captain however said his team had an edge in fast bowling. The stateoftheart camera and instant replays were not fully able to deliver disputefree runout decisions despite the third umpire reviewing over and over if the batsman was in or out. It is human to err but when the error sends a batsman like Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara back to the pavilion it hurts. If a reserve is needed it is better to give an emerging batsman the chance to sample the atmosphere of Test cricket. Resuming at 109 for three Bengal was jolted twice in the morning when the overnight batsman Abhishek Jhunjhunwala 38 and Rohan Gavaskar 9 left in quick succession falling to Tamil Nadu medium pacers M.R. Shrinivas and R. Younis survived a confident legbefore shout from Pathan early on 151 the ball appeared to pitch in line and was heading for the stumps after the batsman pushed forward 151 but opened out with some strong offside play his area of strength. And Yousuf an experienced attractive batsman with a wide range of strokes and a liking for the big stage sizzled in the partnership. The England selectors made two tough decisions on Friday morning when they left dancing Darren Gough and Vikram Solanki the batsman born in Udaipur out of the squads for the tour of India but clearly stressed by their own hard thinking could not bring themselves to name a third spinner. A new high The 24yearold Kamran Akmals 81ball 102 on the second day of the first Allianz Test saw the unassuming wicketkeeper batsman reach a new high.