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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
baton meaning in tamil is ஊர்க்காவலரின் குறுந்தடி, தடியால் அடி

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Jain is in the city to give a sitar concert at the inaugural ceremony of Sadhassu a cultural society being formed under the baton of music director M.G. Radhakrishnan. Queen Elizabeth II officially declared the Games open after receiving a relay baton that travelled some 180000kms to all the Commonwealth nations most of them former British colonies before arriving in Australia. Queens Baton relay The twohour ceremony ended with the Victoria state governor and former Olympian John Landy igniting the flame. Cathy Freeman who lit the flame at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and later won the 400metre title in the defining race of those Games was among the last runners in Wednesdays Queens Baton relay that started a year ago in London. In a bizarre relay gold medal contender Jamaica dropped the baton and England was disqualified after crossing the tape first. Then as Williams went to pass the baton to the third Jamaican runner Shellene Williams it fell to the ground. About 500 baton and gunwielding policemen in riotgear cautioned on mike that they should not venture out of their homes. The batsmen might not have matched the speed and power of the baton that the cops swung at the fans outside the arena but it was enough to satiate the cricketcrazy public. Finally passing on the baton to the audience to move beyond PSBT will also have a book to go with each film so that the viewer can read more about the issue. The baton hit the spectacles of my brother causing injury to his eye and nose Rizvis elder brother Jibran said.